24th International Conference for the Philosophy of Chemistry: The Problem of Molecular Structure Just is the Measurement Problem, co-presented w/ Alexander Franklin

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Together with Alexander Franklin, we present and discuss our recently published paper titled "The Problem of Molecular Structure Just is the Measurement Problem". Click here to read the full paper. 

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95th Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society- Talk for the Open Session: "Why do philosophers disagree on the relations between the sciences?"

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Foundations of Physics Harvard Series: Mini workshop on the quantum measurement problem

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Recording of my talk

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Recording of open discussion

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Discussion @ the Forum of Philosophy: A Theory of Everything?


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Second article in Chemistry World: Are chemical entities real?

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Essay in Jargonium: Strong Emergence in Chemistry


(October 2020) This essay is a short summary of my recently published paper ‘The Strong Emergence of Molecular Structure’.

Launch of column "Thought Experiment" in Chemistry World- 1st piece: Why do we still do chemistry?

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(September 2020) Chemistry world, the magazine of the Royal Society of Chemistry, is launching a new column on philosophy called "Thought Experiments". In the column, I will explore some of the central issues that are addressed in philosophy of chemistry and more broadly. In the first piece "Why do we still do chemistry?" I ask whether quantum mechanics is making the subject of chemistry obsolete.


Jargonium: a new website about everything related to chemistry

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Together with Karoliina Pulkkinnen and Sarah Hijmans, we have created 'Jargonium', a website that aims to bring the humanities closer to chemistry!

Pod Cast Interview in Physics World


Article in The Conversation, 2020


Article in The Conversation, 2016

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