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Here you can find non-academic articles, reviews, interviews & online talks, including my articles published in Jargonium & Chemistry World  

Chemistry World

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Examining how science excludes women and other underrepresented groups

Chemistry World

Is water H2O? Is gold Au?

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Obvious answers with complex interpretations

Book Review

In search of the elements


My review of Philip Ball's book The Elements : a visual history of their discovery.

Chemistry World

Are plants alive?

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Searching for the (exact) meaning of life



A tribute to a great scholar, co-written w/ James Ladyman

Opinion piece

Open questions on emergence in chemistry

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Open access article in Communications Chemistry, a journal of Nature Portfolio


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Profile at ChemMatters - a magazine of the Americal Chemical Society 

Chemistry World

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How the Scientific Revolution made it culturally permissible to exploit nature

Online Talk

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95th Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society, Open Session

Online Talk

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Foundations of Physics Harvard Series: Talk and Panel Discussion

Online Talk


Panel Discussion w/ Clare Moriarty, Jessica Wilson & Philip Ball 

Chemistry World

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How simplifications help us to better understand the world



A short summary of my published paper "The strong emergence of molecular structure"



There is no doubt that chemistry provokes interesting philosophical questions.


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Intrumentation and Measurement I Physics World weekly podcast

Book Review


My review of a collection of articles ed. by E. Scerri & G. Fisher


Science Experiment

Analysing the practice of chemistry from a feminist perspective

Chemistry World

Does the periodic table reveal laws of nature?

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There could be more to learn from ordering the elements

Chemistry World

How do we know that we know?

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Exploring the world of epistemology

Chemistry World

In search of the chemical bond

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A familiar concept that's difficult to define

Chemistry World

Philosophical mysteries around chemical reactions

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How chemistry provides a unique perspective on causation

Chemistry World

The different shades of sexist science

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How supposedly scientific arguments for the inferiority of women support gender discrimination

Online talk

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Talk at CEFISES I UCLouvain

Chemistry World

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The role of background beliefs and assumptions in the development of science

Chemistry World

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How an event in chemistry shaped philosophy

BJPS Short Reads

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A summary co-written with A. Franklin on our joint BJPS paper

Chemistry World

Screenshot 2022-02-22 at 6.53.22 pm.png

Empirical evidence is not always sufficient to evaluate the models we use

Chemistry World

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Without realising it, chemists use a range of philosophical tools to probe the world

Chemistry World

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Proving that atoms and molecules exist is surprisingly difficult


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With Karoliina Pulkkinnen and Sarah Hijmans, we created Jargonium; a website that brings the humanities closer to chemistry!

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