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At the University of Athens, I teach:

1. Feminist Philosophy of Science

- Undergraduate course​

2. Philosophy of Science

- Dept. of Chemistry

- Postgraduate course​ of the master's program on Chemical Education


..where I also taught:

3. 17th-18th century philosophy

- Descartes, Spinoza & Leibniz

- Undergraduate course

4. Special issues in Philosophy of Science

- Truth, Realism & Reduction

- Undergraduate course

At the University of Bristol, I have taught:

1. Introduction to Philosophy A

- Descartes' Meditations, Hume's first Enquiry, Theory of Knowledge

Undergraduate course

2. Introduction to Philosophy B

- Moral and political philosophy

Undergraduate course

3. Realism and Normativity

- Metaethics, metaphysics, and logic

Undergraduate course

4. Introduction to Metaphysics

- Standard issues on metaphysics

Undergraduate course

5. Philosophy of Physics

- Philosophy of quantum mechanics

- General and Special Relativity

Undergraduate course

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